It's another game where you can show off your carefully crafted creation with your friends, this time in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, a Nintendo title that takes place in an open-world environment similar to that of Minecraft. Beyond meeting new villagers and cultivating hybrid flowers, bringing friends to your island allows you to learn unique crafting recipes and meet new villagers in addition to the aforementioned benefits. In addition, there is the opportunity to exchange beautiful island experiences, which is ideal for social distancing because of the isolation.


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If you want to start adding and playing with friends in Animal Crossing, you'll need a Nintendo Online subscription as well as a working internet connection. As soon as your island is complete, you can invite friends to come visit from your Nintendo Switch Friend List, or you can invite guests by sending one-time invitations in the form of unique Dodo Codes generated by the game to their email addresses.

When playing 'Animal Crossing,' you can invite your friends by entering a Switch code.

By clicking on a friend's name, you can add them to your Switch Friend List.

As an alternative, ACNH Pool Designs can send your friends an invitation via Dodo code (see below) rather than completing this step. Users can be added to your Switch's Friend List, which can be useful for determining whether or not your friends are currently playing Animal Crossing and thus available for cooperative gaming. You'll be able to communicate with them much more effectively as a result of this as well.

The Friend Code assigned to each Nintendo Switch user is a 12-digit number preceded by the letters SW, and it is different for each user.2. The code can be found in your account's Profile section, which can be accessed through the Login button.

From your account page, select the Friend List category and tap Add Friend, followed by Search with Friend Code to add a new friend.

As soon as they have finished their code and have discovered a new Animal Crossing player that you would like to have on your island, send them a friend request, which will be approved and added to your Friend List.

How to make your island accessible to people who use the internet

To complete the process, you must open the gate at the airport, which is the final step in making your island available for online play. Orville, you should go to the receptionist's office and speak with her.

In response to Orville's inquiry as to how he can be of assistance, inform him that you would welcome visitors.

The option to Invite Someone to Your Island Via Online Play should be selected when Orville asks how you'd like to invite someone to your island. Preventative measures should be taken to ensure you have access to the internet at this time.

Choose the option that says "All of my friends" when asked who you'd like to invite. 3.

From there, your gate will physically open, signaling to the rest of the world that your island is ready to receive visitors and visitors are welcome. Because anyone on your Friend List can cross over at any time as long as the gate remains open, you will be able to continue playing the game as usual.

When you have had a visitor, here's how to invite a "Best Friend" to your island.

Orville will mention the Best Friends List app during your first conversation with him about inviting guests. He will download and install the app on your Nook Phone after you have discussed it with him.

After only one visit to your island, a visitor will be able to request one of you to be their Best Friend by contacting one of the people on your island. After accepting, you'll both be added to each other's Best Friends Lists, as well as be granted new privileges when you come to visit, such as the use of a shovel if the situation calls for it.

Consequently, you may want to be picky about who you invite to be your Best Friend as a result of this. The privilege of digging up your Blue Roses will be extended to a visitor who falls in love with your Blue Roses on their first trip will be extended to them on a subsequent trip to your island as a Best Friend in the future.

In the video game 'Animal Crossing,' you can use a Dodo Code to invite a friend to your island in the game.

Have the same conversation with Orville at the airport and inform him that I would welcome visitors, in order to follow the Dodo Code.

Choose the Invite via Dodo Code option when asked who you'd like to invite in step 2 of the process.

3. You have the option of inviting only friends from your Switch Friend List, or you can invite anyone by selecting the The more the merrier! option on the invitation screen. 4.

4. Orville will provide you with a Dodo Code, which will be comprised of five characters in length. This is the code that you will give to anyone who expresses an interest in visiting you on your island.

In order to prevent people from using the code in the future, you can simply instruct Orville to close the gates. It is as a result of this that the code will become invalid.


Anyone who has access to this code will be able to become a member of your community. Even though they won't be able to do things like cut down all of your trees, ACNH Chinese Themed Room Designs should exercise caution when deciding who you share your information with.

To visit an online town, your friends can now go to the airport in their town and tell them that they would like to use your Dodo Code to visit one in the virtual world, which they will accept. The fact that you are not required to actively invite them means that you can continue to play your game as usual until they arrive at their destination.

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