I'd like to show you how to give your old ceramic wall tiles a new lease on life. Preparing for your service is critical to performing a quality job. This is a collection of do-it-yourself blunders. In order to use white night tiles and a lamination system, you must use all three products. Tilar lamination primer and tile coating, as well as tole lamination cleaner. Multiplying the length of the wall by the height of the wall will give you the square meters ä J - divided by 12 will give you the amount of paint you need. Use adhesive tape to cover the walls and faucets; scatter crumbs on the floor; and fill in and repair any cracks or gaps in the grout with new grout or packing. First, clean the tiles with white night tiles and laminated cleaners to ensure they are free of debris.

This will remove grease, soap scum, and other dirt if you spray it for at least 20 seconds each time. If the stains and grease are particularly stubborn, they may need to be cleaned for 30 seconds, and if they are extremely stubborn, you may need to use plastic scrubbing agents. If you find mold, scrub it away with a solution of one part bleach to three parts water, then thoroughly rinse with clean water. Use wet sandpaper and dry sandpaper to apply a thin layer of sand to the surface, which will aid in the adhesion of the paint and the provision of a better surface treatment. Then wash and rinse the surface once more. Allow the tiles to dry completely before thoroughly cleaning the sponge or cloth with water.

There will be paint on the edge of the tin, which means that it will be unable to be properly sealed, resulting in the paint being damaged. Here's something to think about later. Don't overfill your roller with material. At this point, the ceramic tile china should be slightly less than half submerged. Only a few areas of the ceramic tiles are coated with a uniform and smooth coating at a time. Brush all of the small fragments into the drywall with the mini microfiber roller.

Fine pieces should be brushed away with a brush. Instead of painting the goods in a haphazard manner, they are now rolled up evenly. It's best to start by painting the walls with two thin coats of paint. Before you begin, knock the roller to get it off the train, which will eliminate any excess part that could cause dripping later in the process. The first layer should be applied in the same Z-shaped motion as the primer layer. Simply create a small area, which may be several tiles wide, and work on it one tile at a time.

Do not reload the roller after finishing the final roll coating; instead, roll in one continuous motion from top to bottom. Now, between each coat, place the roller and brush in a bucket of water to keep them from drying out. When you're ready, pick up your brush and start painting again. Take them out of the water right away and squeeze out the excess. The paint will be dry in about two hours, but it will take at least six hours for the paint to be completely dry before you can start painting over it again. Using 600 grit sandpaper, lightly sand the tile to make a slight sound, and then stir the paint again until the first layer is completely dry.

While you're waiting for the first coat of paint to dry, it's possible that the paint has stabilized. Apply the second layer in the same zigzag pattern and finish it with a good smooth stroke in one direction, so that the paint surface is smooth when you clean your brush and roller with white night rust protective solvent, which will prevent rust from forming. Allow the paint to flow on the vertical surface from bottom to top by using a white night brow pen with a good shape and covering it several times to maintain a certain angle. In an hour, you can complete the second layer of paint. Well, its paint will dry in approximately two hours, will be completely dry in 1/8 of an hour, and will be completely dry in approximately one week.

For at least a period of time, you must protect it from severe impact and harsh cleaning agents. If you would like more information about product colors and applications, please visit the White Knight website or speak with a paint professional.

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