Animal Crossing: If you want to restart the island

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Sometimes, starting a game from scratch will give people a refreshing feeling and perhaps a sense of satisfaction. In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the player can also restart his island.

If you restart the character in "Animal Crossing: New Horizons", the game will keep the residents and functions intact, and the progress of the island will remain unchanged. If you restart the island, all non-playable characters, buildings, plants, and progress will disappear. If the player wants to restart the island, before starting, make sure that you are not mistaken, because the player may restart a new character. If you want to keep the secondary character in the game, the player must add a new user through the system settings page of Nintendo Switch. Then after the creation is complete, load "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" in the new configuration file. The new character must once again complete the introduction phase from the Dodo airport to the first use of Nook Phone. By creating new characters on existing islands, players can use each character to have independent money, rocks, and trees.

If the island needs to be restarted, the player needs to delete the saved Animal Crossing Items data. Although this operation process is relatively fast, all content and custom settings will be deleted, so be sure to think carefully. If you are sure you want to restart the island, then you need to go to the main menu of the Switch to perform some operations. First, enter the system settings interface, then scroll down to data management, continue to scroll down to delete the saved data, and finally confirm and delete. In this way, all the data saved in the game is deleted, and when the player reopens the game, the island and the native fruit trees on the island will disappear. Of course, after restarting, the name of the new island will be able to be modified. And there will be a brand new layout.

New NPC villagers and fruits on the island will be introduced shortly after starting the game and flying to the island. If the player is not satisfied with the new island layout, fruits or the first two residents, the player can close the game immediately after the plane has landed, and then repeat the above steps to Buy Nook Miles Tickets refresh all the game content.

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