Bless Unleashed skill point reset and how to farm skill points

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In Bless Unleashed, since players often acquire new equipable Blessings and unlock new skills, they always lack skill points. If you frequently browse the Bless Unleashed player community, you will find that many players hope that the game can provide a skill point reset function.
Since this feature is currently not available in the game, you still need to wait for a future update. If you have made some wrong error point settings in the early days, you can use some of the methods introduced in this article to max out Blessings and skill points.

How to reset skill points
Although Bless Unleashed may provide players with Bless Unleashed Star Seeds a skill point reset function in the future, the development team has made it clear that players cannot do so at present, even if they use Bless Unleashed Star Seeds, they cannot experience this function. Simply put, you cannot reset skill points.
Fortunately, this is not a serious problem, as long as you haven't gotten too deep into the game. Most players are not sure which Blessings should be maxed out at the beginning, so they will use up all the skill points they have acquired in the early stage. In the second half of the article, you will learn some ways to quickly acquire skill points.

Bless Unleashed Star Seeds

How to quickly acquire skill points
When your current skill pool is about to run out, you can choose to find a spot of quest grinding to meet your needs. Because after completing quests, you can get a lot of skill points rewards, and there is never a lack of quests in the game.
Skill experience (SXP) comes from completing regional quests and helps build your skill point pool. Each point of SXP counts as 5% toward a new skill point. You'll also earn skill points by completing boss fights.
A new passive buff will be activated after you unlock all the skills in a Blessing, even if you equip a new Blessing later, the buff will still be effective. Although it is not difficult to obtain skill points, you'd better Buy Bless Unleashed Seeds select those Blessings that are most important to you in advance to activate those more useful skills and passive buffs, thus saving a lot of time.

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