FIFA 22: Added a celebratory animation for the final goal

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The leak of the new lens through the FIFA 22 beta can give players an in-depth understanding of what will happen if players enter a late goal. It is only more than a month before the official release of FIFA 22. In addition, EA Sports will provide players who booked before the game's price drop with the opportunity to play the game four days in advance.

The new commentary pairing of Derek Rae and former Arsenal midfielder Stewart Robson will be introduced into FIFA 22, and Alex Scott will make history as the first female voice in the game. Regarding the career model, it has also been transformed, and the'Create a Club' option that everyone is looking forward to is expected to return. EA may, as they have done on many occasions over the years, carry out a series of new celebrations to provide fans with opportunities to annoy their FUT 22 Coins opponents.

If the player can score a goal at the last moment of his career, there will be a newly added animation to celebrate. In this leaked video clip of the game, players can see that Edinson Cavani won a belated victory in Manchester United's match against Liverpool. The 34-year-old forward used his The knee slid towards the corner flag. His teammates quickly followed up, and in this new addition, the benches and coaches all celebrated with the shooter.

Although FIFA 22 will provide players with the option of closing the opponent's celebration this year, this is still a good addition to the game. EA Sports removed two celebrations that they thought were bad for the game from the game last year. Based on community feedback, they Buy FUT 22 Coins cancelled the'Shush' and "A-OK" celebrations.

What do you think of this update project? It looks very exciting. The release date of the game is getting closer and closer, and you can now play in FIFA 21 while waiting for the release of FIFA 22. If you need to buy FIFA 22 Coins after FIFA 22 is released, you can visit UTnice. Their delivery speed is very fast, the quality of the goods is also very good, you can buy a lot of FIFA 22 Coins with very little money. At the same time, UTnice's online support will also provide you with advice and solve problems.

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