NBA 2K22: There is content about the card collection mode

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Generally speaking, gacha elements cost a lot of money, but 2K Sports has a very generous card collection mode. NBA 2K21 allows players to build a very powerful team without spending a NBA 2K22 MT penny. Although we don't know if the unreleased NBA 2K22 is the same, this model is very suitable for basketball. It is not like FIFA that can be packaged with Ligue2 players.

One thing that has been announced is the return of Drafts, which allows players to form time-limited teams based on the latest cards in the game. Each season will bring new rewards, players will join the community to participate in the competition for gift packages and prizes.

2K Sports now pays more attention to player retention rates than ever before. Players can carry out a relay challenge every day. The strength of the opponent depends on the strength of the player squad. In order to allow players to participate in the game every day of the week, a mechanism is set up to obtain different rewards every 24 hours. In addition, players can obtain various prizes by collecting activity cards.

In order to push players into the gift package market, 2K Sports may rely on limited edition cards to attract players' attention and make them recharge. However, 2K22 MT players will be able to obtain limited edition holographic versions of cards exclusively from the gift pack. At the same time, the cards can be scored according to the MP bonus.

The last thing to say is that 2K Sports is currently promoting customization, and will also mark celebrities and professional players with icons so that players can recognize them if they meet them in the game. This seems quite worth looking forward to.

Collecting favorite players and forming your own team in NBA 2K21 is a very interesting thing. After NBA 2K22 goes live, all this may become more interesting. If you need NBA 2K22 MT, you can visit UTnice. In UTnice, you can buy a large amount of safe and secure NBA 2K22 MT for very little money.

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