Genshin Impact: 2.2 is expected to add new characters and update the map

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The first leak of Genshin Impact Patch 2.2 is over, and it will be released within a few weeks. Thoma will be added as a new character, and the release of Tsurumi Island’s launch may herald the final Inazuma map will be Buy Genshin Impact Accounts updated.

What we currently know is that Patch 2.2 is expected to include the last few islands in the Inazuma region before the new region is released, as well as many new characters and monster bosses. Since there is no date for the 2.2 patch, but the miHoYo-based patch schedule is 6 weeks, it is expected that the next update will be in early October. October 12 is the rumored date, and it happens to be six weeks after Patch 2.1, which was released on August 31.

At least one character will be confirmed in Genshin Impact patch 2.2, and Thoma will appear in the game's beta during the test period. Another is Kamisato Clan's Housekeeper, a four-star Pyro pole weapon character, his attack speed is as fast as lightning, and he can also use his spear to shoot flames. Yae Miko is also expected to be dropped by players in the next major update. Although her release date was previously set at 2.2, the recent Genshin Impact Accounts reference to this has been deleted, and updates using her may be cancelled.

Yae's mission is also likely to be full of mystery, revealing the last island of Inazuma that will be added in Genshin Impact patch 2.2: Tsurumi Island. The island has been surrounded by dense fog for many years, and it is expected to be lifted in the next update.

The conclusion is that through leaks, we know that there will be new characters in Patch 2.2, as well as the unlocking of new maps in the Inazuma area. If you want to know what new characters will be added in 2.2, you can keep up to date with the latest developments in Genshin Impact. Finally, if you want to purchase Genshin Impact Accounts, you can visit MMOWTS. MMOWTS will provide players with cheap and reliable Genshin Impact Accounts. Maybe you also need new five-star characters and weapons? You can get these in MMOWTS.

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