NBA 2K22: The PA announcer in real life will introduce the starting lineup

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30 real-life NBA live public broadcasting announcers will give an audio demonstration of NBA 2K22. They will focus on the starting lineup to ignite the enthusiasm of the audience.

This feature was announced by Visual Concepts and 2K Sports on Wednesday. Matt Cord of the Philadelphia 76ers and Mike Walczewski of the New York Knicks were named the 30 voices for the game. Walczewski said that the broadcasters of each team are full of enthusiasm and full of their own style in the game. He really believes that NBA 2K22 players will be able to experience the NBA 2K22 MT excitement and drama of stepping on the home court through these.NBA 2K22 MT

What these announcers did was not limited to introductions, they also made breakthroughs in timeouts, turnovers, and three-pointers. Just as Tommy Edwards counted Michael Jordan's dunk as two points, players in the list of the greatest players in game history will hear them do it for themselves.

The game will be Buy NBA 2K22 MT released on September 10th. Before that, how will the game handle the situation where super stars often appear in completely different teams, and how to introduce the stars created in the MyCareer mode. Have these PA announcers recorded all the first and last names in the NBA 2K dialogue library?

Like watching an NBA game live or on TV, the performance of these announcers has always been exciting and inspiring. Nowadays, the game in NBA 2K22, under their explanation, will surely give players the excitement and experience as if they are stepping on the home court of the game. By the way, when NBA 2K22 is officially released, if you want to buy NBA 2K22 MT during the game, you can go to UTnice. UTnice will provide you with NBA 2K22 MT with favorable price, guaranteed quantity and speed. I believe that with the help of UTnice, your gaming experience in NBA 2K22 will definitely be better.

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