Animal Crossing: Are you looking forward to the arrival of Brewster and the Roost

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Due to the lack of game content, Animal Crossing: New Horizons has been criticized by many people. Several veterans are expressing their anger online and have quit the game. However, Nintendo did not issue any response or official statement.

Players still expect developers to provide many features of previous games and look forward to the next update. In addition, there are rumors that Brewster and Habitat will return to Animal Crossing: New Horizons. However, Brewster's return in "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" still cannot meet the needs of players. Some data miners found that in the next update, Brewster and his cafe, the Roost, will be introduced. They Buy Nook Miles Tickets confirmed the arrival of the cafe through several in-game codes. In addition, like many past works, the cafe will also be located in the museum. Players should be happy with the addition of this new feature of the cafe. However, even if the arrival of Brewster and Roost will make players excited, they may be bored with Roost after a month or two, and they will want to find other more novel things. With the new items introduced in the 1.11 update, players have already felt bored.

In order to attract players back to new horizons, Nintendo needs to make a reliable choice. The popularity of the game has been improved after New Leaf Nintendo released the Welcome Amiibo update. Compared with previous games, ACNH has the best graphics and details, but it has shortcomings in many aspects. If developers start trying to publish new locations, players can decorate them with new Animal Crossing Bells themes. They can also publish some small games that can be played with villagers, because interacting with their own villagers on the island is one of the best features. If you add some extra options, you can play games with the villagers, it should be very interesting.

Do you have any expectations for the next update of New Horizons? Which features in the game do you like the most? If you are worried about the lack of Animal Crossing Bells now or later, you can visit MMOWTS. They provide low-cost, safe and secure Animal Crossing Bells. There will also be various discounts during holidays.

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