NBLIDA Guide To Choosing The Right Hydraulic Cylinder

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Hydraulic Cylinders are actuators used in both large and small scale industries, in manual and Auto tools. They give a leverage of force to move a workload. Hydraulic cylinders are used in machines that push, pull, lift, steer, clamp or ease down heavy loads. They are used in the automotive industry, civil engineering, mining, drilling, warehousing, shipping and marine industries.


When the SS body disposable cylinder was developed, many people questioned the viability of a non-repairable product. This product has not only succeeded, it has also revolutionized the market. Because of its low cost and ease of replacement, many organizations opted to replace many traditional steel, aluminum and brass body cylinders that could be repaired. While these pneumatic cylinders are the most cost-effective choice and easiest to use, they do have limitations that make them less-than-ideal for certain applications.


The first essential information to take into account when choosing the size of the bore is the operating pressure.

Knowing the operating pressure you want to use will help you choose the size of the cylinder bore.

The second key information needed to choose the size of the bore is the amount of force required for the application. Here is a quick formula to find the approximate size of the bore in the direction of cylinder extension :

F = required force (N)

P = operating pressure (bar)

A = Surface of the bore (mm²)

D = bore diameter (mm)

D = √4.F / √π.√p

As a general rule, the resulting bore diameter is rounded to the next standard bore size.

Rod Size

Once a minimum cylinder bore size finalized for the Load the next major step is to choose the appropriate rod size. Selecting the required rod size and the Stroke length requires careful consideration as it may affect the rod buckling strength. At SEA HYDROSYSTEMS we use programs that calculate whether rod buckling strength for a given rod size and stroke will be suitable for a given load. If you need assistance with this or need a more customized hydraulic selection guide, simply contact us.

Some application demands the design of a custom made a hydraulic cylinder. Look no further you’re in the right place, we support custom cylinders with our one of the best design team around.

In general a Hydraulic press cylinder Piston rod will need to be 2/3Rd Of the Bore size. For machine tool applications the ratio will be 1/2 the size of Bore.

Consider the Mount

Cylinder mounts can be divided into two basic categories: pivoted and straight line. Selecting the right mount for an application mainly depends on the desired movement of the load. Pivoted mounts can be used where a load needs to move through an arc and include mounts such as Trunnion and clevis.

In comparison to pivoted mounts, straight line mounts are used when the load only needs to move in a linear direction and include mounts such as front head flange and side lug. It is necessary to consider the desired movement of the load specific to your application to ultimately determine the type of mount.

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