New World closed Beta end Date and How to Access to te New World Closed Beta

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The New World closed beta release date and time are just around the corner, and, of course, people want to know when they can start playing it, as well as how to play it. The launch date and time of the New World beta has been known for a couple of days now, but people that haven’t been keeping their ear to the ground might have missed it, and maybe don’t know how to join the fun. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to show you when you can play the New World closed beta and how to play it.

What is the New World closed Beta end Date?

The New World Closed Beta end date has been scheduled for August 2, 2021 on Steam.

The good news for gamers in the UK is that the New World beta is ending very late in North America, meaning that technically, it will be running an extra day in Europe.

The official New World Beta end time has been set for August 2 at 11:59M PT, or 7:59am BST on August 3.

More news is expected to be shared by the development team ahead of the final beta dates.

And for those waiting on the final game launch, Amazon has confirmed that gamers won’t be waiting long to jump back in.

The New World release date has been scheduled for August 31 on Steam and will include the full experience.

The only downside is that this week’s Closed Beta will not be saving any progress, meaning anything you achieve will not carry over into the full experience on August 31.

Amazon is also hosting an event during the New World beta which will be easy to watch on Twitch.

The Battle for the New World is ongoing, with Amazon telling gamers this week: “The New World Closed Beta has arrived and the competition is heating up.

How to get access to the New World Closed Beta

There are two ways to get access to the New World Closed Beta:

Pre-order New World

Sign up to be a New World tester

Aside from pre-ordering the game through Amazon or Steam, it is possible to access the Closed Beta by simply signing up as a tester.

How Long Does the New World Closed Beta Last?

The New World closed beta will last for only two weeks and ends on Aug. 3 at 2:00 am PDT. At this point, your account will be wiped of all progress and sit on standby for the game's official release. Players who have access to the Closed Beta will receive a Steam key that can be used for activation on Steam. Redeeming the key will unlock the New World Closed Beta in the Steam library. The game will be available for download and play at the time listed above. Refer to our guide on how to redeem a key in Steam if you need assistance.

Where to Find Gold in New World

Gold Ore is mined from Gold Veins in New World, which can be found in the following locations:

First Light: Elder's Bluff

Monarch’s Bluff: Devil’s Quarry, Divine Rise

Windsward: Perilbrook, Eldergate

Everfall: Faith’s Bounty

Brightwood: Bronzegrove

Gold Veins are scattered all throughout Aeternum, primarily in mountainous areas or inside caves. They are a bit difficult to notice when inside caves because they don’t have the usual shine that a Silver or Iron Vein might have. We’ve outlined some locations in each of the four starting areas. We also included Brightwood since you may need Gold to craft jewelry at the outfitting station by the time you get there.

What is Gold used for in New World?

Gold Ore can be smelted into Gold Ingots at a Tier 3 Smelter. Gold Ingots are considered a Tier 3 Precious Metal. You can use Gold Ingots in recipes at the Outfitting Station Tier 3, such as Rings and Amulets.

That's all you need to know in order to reserve a spot in the beta and whether or not your system can run the game. This is your last chance to experience before the full New World release, so make sure you get in before the beta ends on August 2nd. You can find all of the latest Gaming News at new world coins store , you also can Buy New World Coins from us.

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