New World MMO: The in-game store maybe filled with cosmetic items

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For a long time, Amazon's new MMO New World has been a topic of heated discussion among players. What they care most is whether the game will become pay to win. The game director of New World declared that the only items that players can spend money to buy in the game are cosmetic items, which will not affect the balance of the game.
In fact, in the alpha testing phase earlier this year, New World added some items that affect the gameplay, such as rested XP boosts and fast travel markers. These items have caused complaints from players, so Amazon Games Studios has decided to eliminate items that give paying players an advantage in the game. The remaining items in the in-game Cheap New World Coins store are only decorative cosmetic items, which can only make you look more special in the game summary, but will not make you stronger. The following are all types of cosmetic items.

Themed skins
You can find the theme skins of items and appearances in the new world and change their appearance in the eyes of others, replacing the appearance of the gear itself. You can use the skin system to change the appearance of the gear while retaining its original stats and attributes.

Company badge
The company is the New World version of the guild. If players want to gather a group of players in the game, they need to form an alliance with one of the three main factions and establish a company. Each company can design an exclusive badge, and players can show off the badge to show the company's achievements. You can purchase special company badge parts in the in-game store to replace the default options of the company badge and design a more personalized logo.

In most MMORPGs, players can use emotes to express their New World Coins feelings. When New World is released, you can also do the same thing in the game, because the in-game store will sell a large number of unique emotes to players, including the "Fist Bump" emote that players received when they pre-ordered New World. Of course, the game may provide options other than the standard emotes, and players may need to complete quests or achieve special achievements to obtain them.

The dyes in New World will also become a feature, just like many other traditional MMORPGs. If you are not satisfied with the color of your clothes or armor, you can buy dyes to redesign the color of any clothes you wear. The coloring system of the game may provide several default colors. You can also purchase some unique dyes in the in-game store to make your character more personalized.

The above is an introduction to all the items sold in the New World in-game store. It is currently uncertain whether the developer will modify it in the future. If you want to keep up to date with the latest information or buy the New World Coins you need most, welcome to visit and purchase any items you need.

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