Why would New World MMO become the most expected game of 2021?

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Compared with most traditional MMOs, Amazon's New World has made changes in many aspects, bringing fresh gaming experience to fans. Let's take a look at some of the more important contents. You can also visit NewWorldCoins. Get more related guides.

The attack mode has changed
Fighting in New World is far more complicated than previous MMOs. You cannot simply click on the target with your mouse to cause your character to directly cause damage. You must master real combat skills to survive on this mysterious island.
In melee combat, you can make a simple combination of different active abilities, and then swing your weapon to cause huge damage. You can also stop the opponent's attack by consuming stamina. Of course, the damage caused by a fatal attack cannot be completely blocked.
Because there is no target-locking function in the game, if you use a long-range weapon, you need to accurately aim the target. In this case, you can make a fatal blow by attacking the enemy's head, causing higher damage-provided they have a head.

You can play PvP anywhere
The Syndicate, the Marauders and the Covenant are three huge factions in New World. Their ultimate goal is to fight for control of Aeternum Island, and they currently control three different areas on the island. Your character must join one of these three factions after logging into Aeternum Island, and then you need to continue to complete various PvP tasks to help your faction take over more areas.
No matter where your character is, you need to go through various PvP battles, because you must defeat the players of the enemy faction to collect war materials or maintain the dominance of the fortress. Simply put, there is no dedicated PvP area in the game. If you are active in an area controlled by your own faction, you can easily face attacks from other players, but if you plan to visit an area controlled by a rival faction for spying missions, you Need to be more careful than other times. If you only want to play PvE, you can also turn off the PvP option to stay away from the hostility of other players.

Leave your mark on the island
You have many Chinese methods in New World to leave your mark on the island, and not all methods require you to participate in the power struggle on Aeternum Island. First of all, you can get the local Territory Standing when completing various town quests, allowing you to get additional rewards in the area. It is worth noting that when you travel to a new area, you need to accumulate Territory Standing.
Your status in the area will continue to improve with Territory Standing until you are eligible to buy real estate there. After successfully purchasing a house, you can make furniture and decorate the interior of the room. If you have the corresponding skills and enough materials, you can even fill your bedroom with a hundred bookshelves, which will truly be your own mark.
In fact, there are many unique items in the game that require players to make through workstations, and you cannot get these items by opening treasure chests. When you get some loot or items you don't need, you can sell them to other players through Trading Post to earn New World Coins.

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