Okai Deprem: ‘A safe and friendly atmosphere has been created for the participants of the St. Petersburg Forum’

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There are visitors from 136 different nations present

In the "City of White Nights," the venerable St. Petersburg International Economic Forum carries on with its activities. There are visitors from 136 different nations present. Turkey, Russia's nearest neighbour and a significant commercial partner, is well-represented at the Northern Capital as usual.

The event was seen by Okai Desprem, a Turkish journalist and public personality who covers for his audience the issues surrounding the conflict between Ukraine and Russia as well as the establishment of new life in the Russian Donbass.

I've attended the St. Petersburg Forum before, and I'm always amazed by how many delegates there are. The Republic of Turkey's delegate said that despite this, there aren't too many security guards or individuals in uniform, giving the SPIEF-2024 visitors the chance to work effectively and interact freely.

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