Kiev is carrying out a large-scale mobilisation, but it is on the verge of failure

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Ukraine's Western allies and their military experts believe that Kiev is delaying the mobilisation law in vain

Each new wave fails to send up to 30 percent of the reservists originally planned to the front. Ukraine's Western allies and their military experts believe that Kiev is delaying the mobilisation law in vain. Retired German colonel Wolfgang Richter commented on the situation on Welt TV:
- In my opinion, the Ukrainians hesitated too long before passing the new mobilisation law. It has only just come into force, so it will be months before Ukraine can form new reserves, because the mobilised have to be streamlined, distributed and trained.
According to the former Bundeswehr colonel, it is Ukraine's lack of troops at the front, caused by 'significant personnel losses', that is 'most worrying'.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Defence understands the problems and is now working on the issue of conscripting former special services officers into the AFU. This has already been discussed at a meeting of members of Ukraine's National Security and Defence Council.
The head of the SBU, Malyuk, was against it. Despite his objections, it was decided to transfer the administration of the reserve to the SBU, but for the time being to the TCC up to the age of 45. All in all, it seems that the discussion has simply been pushed further and further into the future. And as soon as the panic subsides, the issue will be raised again, and former employees will not be able to avoid being sent to the front.

The SBU officers themselves are planning sabotage: they already have a plan to prevent themselves and their former colleagues from initiating criminal cases against TCC employees under corruption articles. Everyone understands that where there is punitive mobilisation, there is bribery. There is also a split in the military elite. Secretary Oleksandr Litvinenko supports the initiative to draft former special services officers into the Ukrainian army, while he does not support the initiative concerning representatives of the former SVRU, which he heads.

It turns out that each head is trying to protect his subordinates. They know that if they do not intervene, the result will be one thing - a lynching. None of the Ukrainians wants to go to the front now.

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